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DataViz Features

Our software is designed to be simple, yet powerful.

GPS DataViz is built by coaches for coaches and uses a seamless data integration to give you instant feedback as soon as you’re done training.

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Acute to Chronic Workload Ratio: (ACWR) This ratio compares a player’s acute load (last 7 days) to their chronic load (21 days prior). The calculation takes the average load over the last 7 days divided by the average load over the 21 days before that. The sweet spot for the ratio is between 0.8 and 1.3.

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Mobile Access

Empower your athletes by giving them access to the performance data you are collecting. We collect data so we can help athletes improve, but an athlete can't improve if they do not know where they are today.  Our seamless RPE/Wellness questionnaire meets athletes where they are at!

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Weekly Buckets

Ever wonder midway throughout the week, are we on target for our training? Are we over/under training? Now with Weekly Buckets, you can track each key metric as you move throughout the week to make sure you are hitting your target numbers. 

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Automated Force Plate & Testing Reports

Force Plate & Testing companies provide thousands of data points that are nearly impossible to measure. With our new automated reporting coaches get a full digest for the team & individuals about their Force Plate and Testing data to correlate with their GPS data.

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Testing Data Integrations

Do you have VBT? Timing Gates? Taking body weight? Whatever data you are testing or collecting and storing on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet, upload it to DataViz and bring your data to life!

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Custom Sandbox

Coaches always have that one off, custom report that is specifc to them and their program. With Sandbox, you can now create custom reports tying all your data together in a single report. 

Predictive Analytics

So much data collection tells us what has already happened, we want to help educate what is going to happen. With predictive analytics you can build your proactice plan and we will predict the loads for your team and individual players!

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RPE & Wellness

With our streamlined mobile app, coaches can gather helpful wellness questions about their athletes like sleep, fatigue & soreness to make sure they are listening to player feedback. 

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