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Leveraging Automated Testing in Football Teams: A Strategy for Performance Enhancement

New developments in technology have resulted in more testing tools that enable strength and conditioning coaches to gather large amounts of data. Along with the emerging field of sports science, the data management market has developed a specific need: digesting and interpreting these newfound metrics to convert them into actionable information. This has produced the need for AMS systems.

The hardware involved in testing technology improved by leaps over the past decade, but the software portion lagged. However, with the current emergence of software upgrades, it is getting easier to process data in real time.

Automated testing stands out as a potent tool for enhancing player performance, tactical understanding, and overall team efficiency, as it consolidates data into easy and understandable reports much more quickly than the countless hours it would take a coach to create by hand. What would have taken days now takes minutes through AMS systems and API keys.

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